Our trees come from the highest quality growers in the industry.  We pride ourselves on offering our customers a wide selection of gorgeous, healthy trees that will thrive in this area. 

Tree Installation Process

  1. Come to our nursery to pick out and pay for your desired trees
  2. Fill out your information on our form, including any identifying information where the trees are to be planted.
  3. Take tree stakes to mark where trees are to be planted. (This step is very important for the utility companies as well as for our crew, in case you are not home.)
  4. We start utility locates.
  5. When locates come back, you go into the queue for planting.
  6. We call you 1-3 days before we will be coming to your property to plant.
  7. We bill you for the planting of your trees.

* This process can take 1-2 months, so please be patient!

Trees We Carry


Aspen Single/Dbl

Aspen Single

Aspen Multi

Canada Red Multi

Canada Red

Snow Crab

Radiant Crab


Apple, Honeycrisp

Apple, Sweet Sixteen

Cherry, Weeping

Cherry, Montmorency

Cherry, Bali


Blue Arrow

Ivory Silk Japanese Lilac Tree

Sensation Lilac

Hakuro Nishiki (Willow)

Hot Wings


Flame Amur Multi

Flame Amur

Bristlecone Pine

Mountain Pine

Lodgepole Pine



Baby Blue Eyes

Willow Flame

Frequently Asked Questions

Please email us a picture of your tree and details about when it was planted and how you have cared for it.  We will give you our advice on what to do next!
Every effort is made to get your tree planted as soon as possible. Many factors go into planting such as : weather, utility locates, availability of equipment, and crew. When we are ready, we will call a couple days in advance to coordinate planting with you.
We guarantee that our trees are healthy when they leave Snow Country Nursery. If you are concerned about the health of your tree, please email pictures, so that we may advise you on treatment. It is the responsibility of the homeowner, not Snow Country Nursery, to ensure the success of your trees. Thank you for your understanding.

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